Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Week Has Passed!

It is hard to imagine another week has passed, if one is measuring their time in work weeks. I guess old habits, etc. I really have to tell myself every day what day of the week it is, but many of my friends still work. So I think about them in their time measurements. My friend YC is coming for Spring break the end of March, which is two more weekends away. That's another weird thing. The end of March already!

YC has been going to school as long as I have known her. She hopes to finally finish this year, but it seems every year some crisis comes up and it postpones the end somehow. You would think that having grown children with their own children would free her to do her own thing, but you know how it is when people take care of the family whenever a need comes up.

I have been blessed that no one calls me and asks me to help out. It helps that mine just got married, is happily paying off his own debts, and is saving money for "whenever". When I talked to him he told me that he and H turned down two parties to go to that would have cost them ___ amount of money. He thought they could use that money on the trip to Phoenix they are making at the end of the month. She has to go to a conference for work, and since she has a room paid for, he bought a ticket and is tagging along.

They loved the quilt, by-the-way.

I went to Knit Night last night, and there was a large group of folks there. There is a little eating place nearby that was having a fundraising event for the University fine arts department. They were selling ceramic bowls made by students, and you got soup to go with it. TR and I walked down there and looked over the bowls. I saw several I liked, but I told myself I did not need anything extra.

I finished knitting the handspun sweater and it is blocking/drying. I only have my giraffe socks, so I took them to group last night. No one there had ever heard of knitting in pattern when the gussets are being decreased. I am just not smart enough to figure it out. So the pattern will have to be wonky.

I don't know what just happened, but I just lost two paragraphs of writing. It just went away somewhere.

I saw the strangest bird the other day. I think it must be a juvenile mockingbird. It was gray, the size and shape of a mockingbird, but it has a russet colored thatch on top that looked like a bad toupee. It also had brown and cream stripes on the breast like a sparrow markings. I will ask AE when I see him and he will know.

The weather is warmer. I am happy with the sun out. I need to get outside, but there is still a slight cool breeze and it is cool in the shade. I am thinking I will have to mow weeds soon. Weird, huh?

So no plans for this weekend. Just the same thing that I do every day. I think I might sew, but I have to finish this red yarn I am spinning. I am also dyeing fabric. And there is always yard work to fall back on if one gets too bored around here.

I was cleaning out a pile and found a note card that I had saved for the saying on it.
"Cultivate friendships wherever you go, and gladness will bloom all around you."

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