Friday, July 2, 2010

Finished, Finito, DONE!

The Lifetime Blanket that became the Lifetime Afghan is DONE! I went onto my Ravelry site, and I showed it started on July 4, 2007. Okay-I know what you are thinking! But I did not work on it consistently, as in one monogamous project. It was so tedious I just had to work a while on a section, put it away, then later on pick it up again. It was slow going, but I am DONE! I just want to say I finished the damn thing. It never seemed to get ahead, but some of my friends would look at it and say it was growing. I also finished the two pillowcases that I have had cut out, pinned, and ready to sew. They are some funky kid's fabric that has kitties on it that I bought online. Don't even ask where-who can remember?

I also finished two skeins with the teeswater/cotswold wool that I bought in Taos last Fall. I was really pleased with how it looked when done. It is a tightly twisted, rather rough, but suitable for some outerwear that would be long-lasting.
My little kitty-Baby has been really, really ill. I took her to the doctor, and she has something destroying red blood cells. This is Day 3 of the medicine. There are moments that I see she has more energy, and she is up and about. Then I look for her and she is under the bed again and very lethargic. I hope she will pull out of this. The doctor thought she would be better off at home with me monitoring her rather than to hospitalize her. I agreed. She is less stressed, familiar with smells and things here, and I can watch her closely. I know her hidey places.
My friend SH came by yesterday with a grooming clipper set that she had in her stuff. So today Patty got a bath, and I am going to trim that wiry long hair. I watched the video last night, and I figured out the things I didn't do right with my neighbor's clippers the last time.
So have a good weekend. I know lots of folks going on little trips. Even a long weekend trip is a vacation for most anyone. I am staying home to monitor my kitty. Be safe, and keep happy thoughts for Baby.

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