Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby is Gone!

Baby used to lie in the bird bath by this fallen tree when she was very young. I always looked out the back door, and there she was. This picture shows she was very blessed.

I would like to think of her this way rather than the sick little kitty she had become in the last few weeks. She was very happy and very much loved.
I am very sad, and will not be writing for a little while. I will be back within a few days. I just need time to get used to her being gone, and I need to tend to Noodles. He was the one who yelled and ran into the room where I was. I knew he was letting me know what had happened. I had to call him into the house after our little funeral. He will be looking for her for a coupla days. He did not do real well when Sissy died, and it took him a few days to get over that.
Blessings to my little kitty angel.

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