Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Weird Thought

I sometimes get some weird thinking going. I was looking at something today, and the phrase "Stick To Your Knitting" popped into my head. Okay. So I googled it, and most of the responses were something that Archie Bunker would say to Edith.

Most of the responses were that it was a phrase used to tell people to do what they do well and do not try to diversify.

Also I found one reference that was interesting. Instead of trying to find out about something you are unfamiliar with, just stick with what you are familiar with.


Aren't most knitters constantly looking for that perfect pattern or perfect yarn or reading about a fiber that seems really interesting or on and on and on? I do not know many knitters that just stick to one thing. I do have one friend that will knit socks until the cows come home when she is busy, busy, busy. But I can show her a new pattern and she will incorporate that into her repertoire.

I do not know too many knitters that are static and typically just do one thing with one yarn. I am not talking about monogamous knitters that do one project at a time. I am talking about a knitter that just never explores a new avenue or who never becomes curious about a new pattern.

So what is it with this idiom that seems weird? Knitters never stick to one thing. If we get tired of knitting sweaters, we knit a scarf or a hat or some socks. Or we run to the LYS and get a fiber fix and then ideas start flowing. We do like to diversify.

And one other thing. In a knitting group, I think everyone talks about everything. We talk about food, children, parents, sex, books, politics, local gossip, and just about everything.

So there is my commentary on "Stick To Your Knitting". I know that it is strange to persevere on something as silly as this. But it kinda seems weird to me. I think it may be a cultural expression, but it needs to be visited.

Philosophy is a wonderful thing. So curious knitters keep on doing what you do best.

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