Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seed Bandits!

I am waging a war this winter with seed bandits! I used to have my bird feeders in the back yard. I could sit at my spinning wheel and watch them while I worked. Well, this year the raccoons found the seed hordes. So....

I moved the bird feeders to the front of the house. I put the standing one in the middle of the flower bed and the little one on a shorter wire hanging on the front porch. I don't like the mess on the porch railing, but it was a solution.

The first day I found out the squirrels could flat foot jump up to the standing feeder.

The second night I hear a strange noise on the porch. I looked out and a HUGE raccoon was standing tippy toe on the railing and could barely reach the smaller feeder that is placed high for a reason.

With all the rain we've had, the ground is soggy soft. Twice now, the alleged bandits have pushed the standing pole over and robbed all the seed. Except for the tiny round seed that no one likes. Even the birds don't like that stuff.


Oh! Two nights ago I am watching something stupid on t.v. and knitting on the blanket. Baby is fast asleep in my lap. Noodles was asleep on the chaise lounge. I heard a weird noise, but ignored it. Then a lot of noise happened and both cats went into guarding mode. Noodles growled in a low voice. I turned on the porch light, thinking that would scare away the boogers. No.... I had three baby raccoons that were not afraid of me at all. I guess I was their first human sighting. I got the broom and pushed them off the porch. SIGH!

It is very frustrating to be respectful of the wildlife, but wanting them to go away.

Oh! I also had some difficulty with possums and raccoons getting into the recycling bin on the deck. So I moved it to the screened porch. They all look fat to me, so I don't know why they are being beggars.

I have been working on the blanket quite steadily. I have a goal of a minimum of two squares a day. I usually do about four or five. I worked on the handspun alpaca vest last night. It is so soft and drapey. I hope I like the way it fits. I did put the piece I have begun on the dress form last night. So far okay. I am just not inspired right now. I am saving my socks for a portable project. They are heavier socks anyway, and it isn't cold enough yet. I am almost finished with the plying of my yak/merino yarn. I was working on that some last night. I wanted to finish it so I could wash and block it today. But I didn't finish it.

This is our one day of sun. I washed the heavy bedspread and put it on the clothesline to dry as much as it can today. Everything is soggy and wet and mushy outside. I can't really do any yard work. I am trying to get things done that need to get done today. Tomorrow there is a prediction of thunderstorms and poss. tornadoes. Yuck! Tomorrow will be the 12th Thursday in a row of rain on Thursdays. We have had record rainfall for October this year. I just don't like the gray, cloudy, gloomy days.

I was amazed at the smell of the three little raccoons the other night. They were really stinky. I guess I have never identified the smell of raccoon in my memory banks. I know the smell of deer, bear, snake, possum, and some other animals. But this was a different musk smell the other night. Maybe it will be placed in the memory banks. A friend and I had a conversation the other day about smell. It is one of our first memories and our last. I told her how I used to use scents with dementia patients. Especially during the holidays. I could bring up memories that are lost sometimes to the dementia. Once I got them talking about memories, the flood gates are open. We would then talk about colors and sights. That is another primitive memory.

My first color memory is red. I cannot tell you my first smell memory. There are certain smells that evoke memories of family or events. I remember coming home from Florida once in my trusty VW Lulu. As soon as I crossed the Mississippi bridge in Memphis, I would smell the delta smell of dirt and farmland. I knew I was coming home. Going to Taos, it is always the sage smell that hits me first. Then the smell of Ponderosa pines once I got to that elevation. Then I knew I was on the way there.

Gotta go do some chores while the sun is shining. Have a good rest of the week!

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