Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Knittin' As Fast As I Can

Well-these are done! This is before I washed and blocked them. They are a tad bit big-so likely they will become a Christmas gift. This is the Bijou Basin pattern for yak/wool. My brown is a 50/50 alpaca/bison blend. The white is merino wool. All handspun and handknitted. I joined the cuff after knitting the cables. The pattern has you cast on the flat piece, join, and knit in the round. Then join the cabled ends after it is over with. This didn't make sense to me.
So yesterday I could have easily picked up the two big projects that have been set aside so I can do the stranded hat and these mitts. But I didn't. I mulled over several things, looked at many pictures, and just moped around. Then I started a stranded sock with my handspun yarn. Oh, well. I have been consistent with working on the Lifetime Blanket in the evening. My eyes are tired and I am tired by then. So it is easier to do mindless knitting.
I had a most productive weekend. I had company on Saturday night, so I actually picked up mess, rearranged mess, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathrooms. I did two loads of laundry, but now I have that much again. You know the drill.
Sunday after cooking breakfast for my guest, I showered and headed north to CJE's house. She has just purchased a Schact eight-harness loom. She has been working on cleaning out her studio space to make room for both looms. I took my Howards Feed and Wax to clean the loom, and it is so pretty now. And it is so soft! If you can imagine wood being soft. I guess that sounds dumb.
We had a fun afternoon. JE came over and the three of us talked and JE knitted. CJE sat in the floor dragging out boxes and containers of stash yarn. So we helped sort that out into piles by fiber content. The biggest-no surprise- is her alpaca stash that is mostly handspun. I put the knitting yarns in two baskets by the chairs. It is going to be a special haven for her to get away from the house and others. She has dreams of weavings she wants to do.
So after a yucky week last week, we have had two glorious days of 70's weather. Rain is forecast for Thursday, but I am too busy enjoying the sun and heat. It is so nice. After all this rain and chill we have had, it is about time to enjoy a real Arkie Fall day.
Not much else to report. I did some baking for my guest, and that was fun. It is getting to be time to bake. I am really wanting to get the 5 minute artisan bread book. I don't know why I need that, since I live alone. But.......
I also have been lusting after the Book of Wool that is out now. Temptations!
Have a good rest of the week. I will be out of town for a coupla days, and then a busy weekend.

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