Friday, May 30, 2008

Global Warming-Oh! It's Too Hot For Socks!

These are the plain-Jane grey wool socks knit with Kroy sock yarn. Kroy is a little bit rough, but they wear like iron. I like the weight of the yarn, and I like to knit plain-Jane socks because they are fast knitting. That's my sick Noodles getting a rub from Mama.

I heard on the news last night that Dow Chemical is raising its prices really a lot! I don't know what that means, other than now the manufacturers are being affected. It is no longer just the transportation of goods that raises the prices. Dow's products are petroleum-based, and that includes make-up, disposable diapers, household cleaners, etc. I am glad I don't wear make-up and that I don't clean that often. I don't need diapers yet, but maybe in a few years! But seriously-is this the beginning of the way things are going?

Which brings up the question of........Will the price of yarn go up, too? I need to run this by the Hand Held ladies and see what they know. I haven't seen any discussion of this on anyone's blog. I think that we need to stock up on sock yarn, just in case. I am certainly glad I spin and that I have a fiber stash. I have been stockpiling handspun yarn for a while, waiting until the right sweater comes along. I am glad I have that stash of yarn available--just in case.

I am knitting another pair of socks, but you will not get a picture of it on my feet this summer. I always have a pair of socks going, but it is WAY TOO HOT TO WEAR SOCKS!

I will leave you with this reminder that it is time to wash and put away all your woollies for the summer. These were only the dirty ones, but they smell so sweet now. I love the smell of clean, woolly socks that have been outside. I especially like the odor of my handspun socks (the pink ones on the left). I know-I'm weird!
But they smell differently than the others.

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