Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank God for Visa!

My poor little kitty boy, Noodles, has some kind of illness. He was listless Tuesday, but no more than normal when his tummy is full of rodents and when there is heat. Or at least I didn't take too much notice. Until later Tuesday evening when I realized that something was not right. Yesterday I watched him carefully, trying to decipher if this was a passing illness or a serious illness.

Today I bit the bullet, called the vet, made an appointment, and carried him up there to be prodded and examined by strangers. He had a very high temperature, and was very hot! He was dehydrated, and I was having a hard time getting him to drink. So the vet determined he has a viral infection caused by ticks-those nasty vermin!- and gave him some fluids, two shots, and me some medication to give him twice a day for two weeks. Thank God for Visa!

So since then he has moved to two different spots, and once he lay in my lap for a while. I can tell his temperature is down, but he is still hot! But I have seen him drink water twice, so that is good.

I was supposed to go to Mirkwood this weekend, but that's out now. I will not leave my sick kitty. And then my friend from California is visiting her property in Oklahoma, and she called me with an invitation for this weekend. But I will not leave my sick kitty.

So I guess I will stay home, knit, eat, maybe mow my yard, and just have fun here.

I received a pattern in the mail that I had ordered for a "shoulderette". It is a small shawl that is short with Faeroese shaping on the shoulders. I am knitting it out of my handspun alpaca. It is BOO-TI-FUL! It is working fast.

TR finished my gussets for me on sock 2 at Monday night knit group. She did not remember to bring her knitting, and I dug out the socks for her to work on. She was gracious enough to tackle it and got it done. I am almost to the toe now. These socks are going to be hot, but nice come winter.

I decided I hated my colorway on the squares for the sweater. So Colleen and Joy and I had a conference and we picked out another colorway to add to the one I have to jazz it up some. It is a lot better. I did one of the squares Monday night to see if I liked it, and I did. Tuesday morning I put the squares outside to get natural light, and I think it's going to work out fine. I just am not too jazzed about it yet.

I am going to give Noodles his night medicine, and then I am going to curl up with my Joan Hess mystery I am reading. Maggie Sefton is coming out with a new one, and my local librarian is ordering it. She told me about it Tuesday at the library knit session.

I will try to catch up with more news and pictures next posting.

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