Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Big Six Oh!

This is a lovely little water iris I found in someone's trash can! I can't believe people just throw out flowers. When I asked if I could have them, the lady said she didn't like them at all. So I planted them in two different places because I didn't know what they were. At that time they were just rhizomes and dead foliage. Now I need a bog or fen to plant them in. HMMM!

Noodles was alert this morning when I went to greet him. He actually came over to the couch and snuggled a little bit. I guess in gratitude for my caring so much. He wanted outside, and I opened the door. I watched him go to various points in the yard smelling the scents and gathering information. Then he saw Baby stalking something across the yard. He was very alert and was able to catch a chipmunk before she could. So I guess fresh meat is better when you are getting well than that yucky chicken I pureed for him last night.

I took advantage to wash the cover on the chair he has been sleeping in for several days. I decided to vacuum, and then I thought I might as well straighten up my nest around the chair. That's when I found the headless mouse corpse. Which also explains why the sticky trap was stuck to the side of the chair. So I guess he was hunting last night also. Although he was still sleeping in the same chair, looking peaked and pitiful, and wanting my attention, he was still well enough to kill a mouse-y.

I am still on the twice-a-day medication routine with Noodles, so any plans I had are not going to happen. But I am okay with that. I would rather take care of him and make sure he is okay.

I was born in a thunderstorm. So this morning I thought it only appropriate that we had a mild little thunderstorm. Baby was upset with the storm, but then she was very upset with my cleaning things up, too. I love the feel of the energy of the storm, and I always feel a tingle when I hear the rumbles. Now the sun is out and it will be very humid the rest of the day.

A neighbor came over yesterday with a professional weedeater machine. It looks like a rototiller with a shield in front. There is a head under that with huge weedeater lines. I mean huge-thick and tough. He cleaned out the part of the hillside I never ever mow because of the rocks. It had grown into a mess with greenbriars and blackberry brambles. He cleaned that out in no time. So now that looks nice. He also gave me some lettuce and green onions from his garden. The neighbors are nice around here.

So that's the update here at our kitty hospice. We are so all doing better, except that Baby hisses at him and scratches at him if she even sees his face nearby. I guess he smells funny, and he did get her chipmunk this morning. Kids!

Happy Memorial Day holiday to everyone. Enjoy!

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