Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My First Harmony Needles!!!

I am so excited! My friend CP gave me some Harmony dpns last night at the knit group. She is so generous. I was ecstatic. I just happened to have some handspun yarn in my knit bag, and I wound it into a ball. JF wants to buy any extra yarn in the colorway I was winding. So I didn't start the new pair of socks. I just feel like I should knit a pair of handspun socks on the new needles first as an initiation and to let the needles know I appreciate them.

Anyway I found out there was absolutely nothing on t.v. last night, so I sat in my comfy chair and cast on the new socks. But then I got kinda worried about how much fleece I have left to spin up. So this morning I weighed it out. I actually have much less than I thought I had. So I will not continue on with the socks until I talk to JF this afternoon at the knitting group in our little town library.

My last post I mentioned the upcoming storm. Well-there were 7 deaths from the tornadoes that skipped across the state. Hopefully we will be ending our Spring storms soon. We are way over our usual rainfall, which is nice to have before the summer drought. As usual, we are in a cool period during early May. Then when this breaks it will be HOT! And HUMID!

A neighbor brought some salad greens and green onions. I took some of the onions to Colleen and Joy last night. He also asked if I wanted an office chair. I said sure, and he brought it to me this morning on his way to work. Evidently during an office move, the company just threw all this office furniture in the dumpster. He salvaged some chairs and a few other items. He could not get the solid wood bookcases out of the dumpster. When he returned with help, someone else was there filling up a big van. So it was being saved.

The chair has a wide seat, which is nice for my wide seat. I think it will become my new spinning chair. I thought it would be nice for a sewing chair, but I spin more than I sew. I scrubbed it down really well with Extra Power cleaner and carpet cleaner. I don't want anyone else's cooties. It looks so much better than it did. I'm not sure what I will do with the present spinning bench, but I think the chair will work okay for this purpose.

I have been knitting so much lately that my hands hurt. And there is another storm on the way.
I have been trying to not knit so much, and to rest my hands. But they are used so much all the time for all kinds of things-like typing on my blog-and it is hard to just rest them. So-talk to later.

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