Friday, June 6, 2008

Compost Surprise!

Despite the gardener's best intentions, Nature will improvise. ~Michael P. Garafalo,

This is my compost bin for leaves and manure. I threw a dead sweet potato in there instead of in the kitchen compost bin. That bin is closed and helps to keep critters out. Surprise! I have never grown sweet potatoes and do not know what to do for it. Obviously not much!

These are my newest little sockies. Aren't they pretty? My girlfriend SH had knit one sock with this yarn, and she threw it at me. She hated the colorway, hated the sock, hated it all. So I unraveled her sock, and started one of my own. I think it's pretty. I wouldn't have bought the yarn, but for free yarn it's okay.

Hey, Lazy Mean Kitty! Wake up! Wake UP!

Get that damn camera away from me, you stupid human!
My friend OS from California was here for two days, and there wasn't any knitting or nothing going on. Today was supposed to be a stormy day. We had a sprinkle of rain, and now we have the MUGGIES! It makes my needles sticky! So nothing else new and exciting. Have a good weekend!

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