Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's The Middle of June Already!

I bought one of the Knit Picks sock blanks. I took it to the lys for our knitting group. Sasha has to try it out first. She did not want her picture taken, and did not want to be disturbed.

I converted an old canvas tote bag with some patchwork on the outside and a solid print inside. I left the handles because they are sturdy. I put a pocket on the inside, too. It works for me. Not the best sewing job in town, but fully functional.
This is the surprise that I knit for the lys gals. Colleen was surprised. And it works!
It is a re-usable dust cloth for a Swiffer. When it's dirty-wash it-and use it again. It's a green product!!
I have been knitting on my little shawlette. The alpaca is so soft. I am not really sure if the lace work will show up with the black/white/tweedy yarn, but I am now on the edging. It took a few rows for me to understand how this is working, but I like it. I will picture it after I block it. I think it is going to be so cozy.

If you can stand it, here are more pics of my new little car. If you want to, you can exit now.

There are storms expected tonight. One south of us did some damage to the Ft. Smith area Monday night. I have given up on the mowing situation. The bugs are extremely ecstatic with the wet, soppy weather. I tried to sit outside yesterday to knit in the natural light, but these weird bugs kept biting me. They were teeny, black, and had a red stripe down the middle of its back. I've never seen them before. They moved like a silverfish-that side-to-side motion. And last night I was bleary-eyed from counting lace. I noticed something on the floor. So I put my glasses on, and there was a small centipede scurrying across the room. YUCK!

Nothing else new. Just the same old thing. I want to get that edging done, block the shawlette, and then I will start hitting the squares again. I figured out a way to make them jazzier. BEADS.
We'll see. I am all ready to finish this one project as you can tell. I am thinking ahead to the next.

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