Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Have A New Toy!!

First you take this lethal toy-it is called a Triple Picker! It has three different ways to lock it for safety when not in use.
Then you take a batch of clean wool like this.
Then the picker fluffs it with these gi-normous teeth! They are very, very sharp!
And then you get this fluffy stuff! Isn't that too cool?

I have wanted a picker forever- since I first heard about them. They cost a LOT of money. I haven't ever convinced myself that I could afford that. Then Thursday I got an email sent to my spinning guild. A lady was selling all her equipment. So I bought the picker, some of her Jacob fleece (I know-like I need any more fleece!), and some books. It was a good deal for me! And I had to try it out. It was fabulous! So much easier than doing everything tediously by hand prior to carding. Although I have been using my little hands for 32 years, it is all forgotten with just two or three swipes of the picker!

No knitting going on right now. I can't seem to concentrate. My life is being turned upside down right now, and I am still really discombobulated. I manage to read to take my focus off of everything and to relax.

Anyway, the summer is cooler than ever I remember it. Tonight will be in the middle 50's for a low! And today's high was 80 degrees! June 29th! It is too strange!

I will try to keep up on my blogging, but I am very busy right now. More later.

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