Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Those Darn Rain Crows and Frogs!

We had a little teeny blast of cold and the rains started.  Winds are blowing from the south; this brings muggy and warmer weather.  We have been in the 40's at night and 60's during the day.

 The other day I had the back door open and I suddenly tuned in that the frogs were peeping.  I yelled at them  "Go back to sleep.  It is not Spring, and please don't get cold." 

Yesterday I woke with the sound of wind and rain, and I crept to my studio to do some spinning.  Patty hates the rain, and it is a struggle to get her out into it.  I had about 30 mins of peace before she woke up and realized I wasn't around.  So out we go into the rain for a bit of a walk about.  She can really do her business fast when she is wet.

Today it has been overcast and muggy.  Rain was supposed to begin around noon.  So I hurriedly dressed, ate breakfast, got Patty outside, and thought about going to the grocery store.  RC and HC are coming for the weekend, and I wanted to have things to eat and drink available.  While I was in the store, I heard the rain on the roof.  It was a deluge.  I finally got to the car and groceries loaded and home in between the rain. 

Since this morning the rain crows have been croaking out their message.  I glared at them as I was carrying sacks into the house.  Since I have been settled in, the rain has begun in earnest. 

So I guess we are in the transition phase of between late summer, early Fall, and the blast of winter.  Sigh!  I just know it is getting darker and I don't have as much time to knit on the stranded sweater as I would like.  It is too difficult to see the chart with my lighting-yes I have natural lighting directly over my chair, but still hard to see.  I can strain with my reading glasses, but I refuse to do that.  So I sit by the window and get the perfect light without any glare and knit a few rows.  It is growing slowly, but progress is being made.

The red homespun sweater is growing rapidly.  It is a top-down raglan and the plain knitting is a joy compared to the stranded work.  I know in the past that I have complained when there is so much stockinette to do before the fun starts.  Well, this time it is going fast.

I am spinning some BFL that has rather interesting colors.  I bought this at the fiber show in July.  It is Mountain Colors, and the colorway is Evening Star.  It is deep, deep purple (almost black), lighter purple that sometimes has pink showing, a teensy bit of blue, a teensy bit of dark green, and a teensy bit of cinnamon-y brown.  When it is spun it is much darker than I imagined it to be.  I think it needs to be a pair of socks.  We will see what the yardage is when finished.  I think this one is mine-maybe.

Noodles has been spending a lot of time outdoors with the warmer weather.  I heard the cat door slam this morning and then heard a squeal.  I looked for body parts when I woke up, but so far have not found them.  I guess he ate everything but the squeal.

I have two projects in bags sitting by my chair in the knitting room.  I also want to get back to my sewing.  I know all of this will happen, but I still feel guilty about the sewing.  I just never go back there and sit down and do it.  Sigh!

Well, I guess I will go bake some cookies.  I am trying to get things cooked before the company.  I hate to cook while I am visiting.

If it continues to rain, I guess I will pull out the rain boots.  Crazy.  We are supposed to have thunder storms.  The southern mountain range is supposed to get as much as 5 inches of rain. 

Have a good rest of the week.  I just heard thunder and I am going to shut down the computer.

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