Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten My Bees!

Most people think I should take down my hummingbird feeder.  It is almost mid-October!  But obviously some critters still need the sugar water.  This is taken from inside the house through the window.  On a warm day there can be 50+, but on a coolish morning or day there are only a hand full of bees.  I am happy to keep them going.  With the bee shortage, I am happy to see them on my flowers in the summertime and now on the feeder.

I know the downy woodpeckers like the sugar water, too, but I have been putting out sunflower seeds for the birds for a week now.  They like that, too.

I am recuperating from the show.  I am not so tired.  Yesterday I did finish the second bobbin of red thread to ply today.  It is destined to be a sweater.  I finally made a decision to rip out the hat I was knitting and recalculate the number of stitches.  I have done that and I am now 2 inches on the ribbing.  I dropped three stitches on the green Norwegian socks, and I will have to sit in good light to pick those up.  I finished my book and have started a new one.  So I am steadily moving back to normalcy.

I did put my knitting down last night during NCIS.  Abby was knitting!  Yeah!

I have been getting phone calls from friends that are checking on me and to ask about the show.  I guess I did invest a lot of time and energy into the show.  That is the opinion of everyone.  I am only disappointed that perhaps it wasn't the best show for me to sell.  It is hard to know until one tries.

The weather is changing.  The light is decreasing slowly.  I want to get as much done on the knitting that requires light while I can.  Some things work fine in artificial light, and some things are better in natural light. 

Nothing else new.  Just wanted to show off my bees.  I am so happy for them.  I know that most people find them a nuisance, but I am happy to keep them going.

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