Monday, October 21, 2013

A Simple Life

I listen to my friend's complaints.  When I hang up the phone, I take a deep breath and I let out a HUGE sigh!  My life is simple.  My parents are dead, and I do not face the end of Life issues that so many of my friends are facing with their parents or parent. 

Another friend calls frequently and tells me the same things she told me in the last conversation.  She has a very serious threat of Alzheimer's in her family.  She and I both are thankful that we have pared our lives down to simplicity.  She lives alone, but has a system of friends (including me) who check on her regularly.

I have another friend with multiple medical problems and she is faced with HUGE medical debt.  Her life is not pleasant and a husband who does not understand why she is depressed.

I have a routine, but frequently I do not stick to the routine.  I do enjoy my spinning and I do that daily.  I knit daily.  I enjoy the complexities of patterns.  I love to see the progress made daily on projects. 

I do cook, but not as frequently as before.  I make things that I divide up into meals and freeze these portions.  Then I can microwave them or heat them up in the freezer.

I do keep the dishes clean and I do sweep the kitchen floor every other day.  I dust or sweep the main floors when I can't stand it any more or if something is on the floor.  I clean the floors regularly.  I do laundry once a week. I keep the bathrooms clean.  So I don't think I am a sorry old woman that is so often shown on t.v.

I did cancel my cable service.  I like to watch Netflix instead.  The cost of that is a fraction of what the worthless cable shows were costing me.  I have a budget, but I can't resist if I find things that are real bargains.  I like to go to Goodwill and buy any clothing I need. 

So really my Life is Simple.  I am grateful and thankful every day that I have that is simple and blessed. 

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