Monday, October 7, 2013

A Strange And Wonderful Experience!

 Crow and I got all packed up to go to Greenwood.  Her window would not go up.  The electrical wire was messed up somehow.  So she put duct tape on it.  At times she had to hold the tape in place as we are rolling down the highway! That meant she had to put MORE duct tape on it!

We had a wonderful time visiting our old friends and catching up with each others lives.  Most of these folks we only see at fiber shows. 

Friday afternoon was a good afternoon of sun and warmth.  We were all optimistic about Saturday.
Saturday it gushed and poured rain as if someone unzipped a cloud!  Sigh!  It's a chance everyone takes at shows.  Needless to say, traffic was really slow and buyers were few.

So now I have to regroup and think and plan a different strategy.  I am still tired and my mind is still muddled.  I got my deposit into the bank this a.m. and that is all.  I did take the things off the website that sold and added some other things.  More tweeking later.

I tried to knit on my Norwegian sock yesterday, and I dropped a couple of stitches.  I decided to just roll it up and wait and take care of the problem another day.  I am too tired to think right now.

Patty came back from her adventurous boarding experience all groomed and pretty.  One of the other dogs chewed up her bed.  First he took it outside in the rain Saturday, and then it got ripped apart.  Luckily I left her a blanket, and that was intact.  It has been washed and is out on the clothesline now.

Noodles was Mr. Lovey Dovey all afternoon and night.  Now he is back to his normal behavior of "Who Cares?  We are all together again."

I think I am going to go sit in the lounge chair and relax.  I just want to be still for a while.

Happy Fall!  The leaves will turn soon!

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