Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Simple Twist of Fate

Last weekend was so nice.  It was fairly nice weather, and my son and his wife visited the whole weekend.  Usually it is a quick in by bedtime, and out the next day.  This was a whole weekend!

R had told me they had tickets for the Razorback game, so we drove to War Eagle Mill and viewed the Fall foliage.  We ate a late supper, but left room for a hot dog and a pretzel at the game.  The essential foods of choice.

When they had left to go to the game and I had putzed around some, I decided to check my emails and to check my phone.  I had a voicemail from a friend that he was in the E.R. and thinks he had a stroke. 

After running Patty out to pee and grabbing my portable knitting, I rushed to the hospital.  I stayed until he was admitted and settled.  He did have a stroke, but miraculously he did not have any motor residual effects.  Unfortunately he did have cognitive effects on the Broca's area of the brain.  He was d/c'd on Monday-after only 2.5 days of non-treatment.  He just got a diagnosis, given follow-up info, and a prescription. 

Consequently he is staying at my house to get his meds regulated and to monitor his status until he is able to go somewhere.  He cannot go to his own home.  It is really far out in the boonies, and he uses wood heat.  It would not be safe for him with his visual deficits.

So not a lot of knitting is getting done.  I am behind in my spinning.  And I am frustrated.  Luckily it is short-lived and I will be back to normal again soon.

Gotta go clean out gutters.

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