Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Sweater Finished! Now What?

I started this September 14, and finished December 29, 2012.  I could have knitted faster, but I found the stockinette, plain knitting boring.  I used the EZ Percentage Method for my math for a 40 inch chest.  I used a pattern called Collegiate Sweater from the Knit Picks Design Team for the color work part.  It had the exact number of stitches I was using, and there was no jiggering around trying to match up numbers.  Used size 3 needle for ribbing, and size 5 for body.  The brown is Targhee semi-worsted wool from a friend's sheep and is mill-spun.  The pink is my handspun from my stash.

Now what do I do?  I am finishing up the little color work pouch, and then there is nothing on the needles!  Gotta get excited about doing something else.  But what?

Just proud that I have my hard-working, tough-as-nails everyday sweater to wear.  It is loose, comfy, and just a little bit bunchy around the shoulders.  But I love it!

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