Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another Year Is Beginning!

No pics-just thoughts.  I cannot understand a lot of things-
1-why would anyone pay $4million for a 30 second ad?  The Super Bowl only occurs once a year-$4million!  What a frivolous waste of money!
2-why would my grocery store have a HUGE table set up with Special K and SlimFast drinks next to the HUGE table with cookies, candy, and cakes?
3-why was that lady wearing her gym clothes (really tight stretchy pants, top, and sneakers) into the grocery store yesterday?
4-why does it feel warmer with the sun shining, even though it is still frigid outside?
5-why is it that every time I measure my knitting, it is the same count as the last time I measured?  Isn't it supposed to be growing?
6-why does my neighbor keep bringing me cake that she and her husband don't want?  I am not going to tell her no, so I just throw it away?
7-why do people pay all that money for those special spice mixtures?  Just put the ingredients together and store it in a nice tight glass jar.  You don't have any unpronounceable ingredients if you mix your own.
8-why does everyone have their knickers in a twist over the fiscal cliff?  I mean some corporation is paying $4million for a 30 second ad.  And everyone is buying "stuff" every day that is considered frivolous from that nameless megacorporation that specializes in sucking people into their store to buy for less!

Okay-I feel all better!  I guess I am a curmudgeon.  I used to live in a tiny cabin in Oklahoma that was heated by wood, and I replaced the shower cabinet for $99.  I had a sign on the gate that said,"Live Simply, So Others Can Simply Live."  I know I don't live like that now.  But I am very conscious of how big a footprint I am creating.  Yes, I live in a furnace-heated home and I have a room for every type of thing I do.  One for knitting and weaving, one for spinning, one for sewing, and the kitchen is my dye room.  I try to live as simply as I can, but I, too, am frivolous enough to buy yarn instead of making all of it myself.  Oh, well, enough of confessions.

I guess the new year is starting.  I am ranting and raving again.  Sorry!  It is just too hard to not get upset with our culture.  What a wasteful group of people!  I mean-$4million dollars for a 30 second ad!  Really!  Where else could that money be spent?

I did hear an interesting interview on NPR one day.  This man was discussing charities and giving, etc.  He said the reason there are so many charities for other countries is that when you build a school, vaccinate children, provide water and sewage to a village, etc, you change the life of the people there.  You give them an opportunity to change their lives.  In our country, our social web is set up to improve the situation for the moment.  More beds in homeless shelters, food for the children.  We are not trying to change peoples lives, we are only trying to improve on the situation they are in.  Interesting perspective.

 I know that a friend of mine was a teacher in a private school that had after-school programs.  The children could stay there and be safe until the parent could get off work.  They discouraged parents from allowing their children to return home alone (latch-key kids).  The kids learned woodworking, knitting, needlework, writing, art, they could read, they could play board games, chess, etc.  No electronics allowed.  I thought that was such a great idea. 

Well, it is a gray, overcast day.  We had a few little flurries this morning, but the temp is too warm for sticking.  I guess everyone can tell when my mood is overcast and gray. 

Have a great weekend.  I am still spinning the BFL that I dyed.  I am watching BBC mysteries on Netflix.  It gets me through.  The pets are close by.  Life is good!

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