Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It Rained!

Yesterday morning when I took Patty for a walk, it was warm, muggy, and it certainly felt like a storm was coming.  There were Peepers making noises, calling up the rain.  My head hurt, my back hurt, and I felt every ache in my joints.  A storm was coming!

Sure enough, about 10:30 am I heard distant rumblings of thunder.  I hurried Patty outdoors to get a potty break before the rain.  I know she hates storms.

Then the gulley washer came.  This was a real Spring-like storm.  Winds howled, rain gushed, and it rained all the day and into the evening.

I lost all cyber communications at 12:30 pm.  I have a bundled service for internet, t.v., and landline.  It was all gone.  I did not get these services back until this morning.  It was a long, quiet evening of knitting, reading, and a little bit more spinning.

Strangely I never felt any tornadoes nearby.  But there were some tornadoes south of us.  Those storms headed East, and it is the same storms that got Georgia.  I think they are heading further East today.

The weatherman said tonight that the amount of rain was significant.  We got the most rain in one day that was last recorded in 2011.  We are still in severe drought.  But it was a good rain.

Oh-and this morning we had some kind of snow event for about an hour.  It was weird snow pellets.

Now it is really cold, windy, and normal winter weather.  This is supposed to last two days, and then another warm-up is coming.  SIGH!

I finished plying my BFL today.  I will wind it up on the skein winder tomorrow, wash it, and block it.  YEAH!

And I got an order for two pairs of socks.  I am knitting as fast as my little hands will let me. 

I am also half-way through with the last kitchen towel on the loom.

So some progress is happening.

Snuggle up and keep warm.

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