Sunday, December 16, 2012

The World Is In A Sorry State Right Now!

I posted this on my Facebook page some while back.  Right now it seems even more appropriate.

I am not too sure how we could possible control guns.  Even if we banned gun sales tomorrow morning, there would be enough guns in the US to do whatever we wanted.  And I feel like there are more guns than we know.  Not all guns have been registered according to law. 

I know my father had 22 guns under their bed when he died.  My mother was rearranging the furniture after his death, and she found all of those under there.  She had no idea there were that many.  This was before gun registration as we know it.

I just know that fear is the key to all of this.  If we allow fear to take over, more damage is going to be done.  We have to go about all this logically and sensibly.  I know that sounds weird to some, but I know that the crazies are still going to get a gun.  If they can't get a gun, they will make a bomb.  Or they will use other weapons.  If someone wants to kill, he will find a way. 

So all I can do is what I do every day.  I get up, eat breakfast, and I work on all my therapeutic projects all day long.  I work in the yard.  I visit my friends.  I stay in touch with all my acquaintances.  I maintain my daily routine as best that I can.  It isn't as easy on some days as it is on others.  I turn off the media.  It is all hype anyway.

In the midst of this latest tragedy, I turned off the t.v., refused to look up things on the internet, and I baked cookies.  I know how to bake cookies.  I don't know how to comfort those people other than through my thoughts and prayers.  I refuse to let fear take over. 

I know I sound a little bit strange, but it is my comfort to myself.  I am not going to give into the negative things that are out there.  I know they are there, but my sanity is at stake.

And-no-I do not own a gun.  I gave the two I had away a few years ago.  I felt it was too dangerous to me to have one.  I know that is the thing that the crazies are looking for-little ole ladies with guns that they can steal easily.  Because if they can't buy one-they will steal one.

Sorry for the rant.  Just my own crazy thing here.  My own opinions.  They aren't worth too much.  

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