Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fickle Weather Reports!

I know it seems as if all I think about is the weather.  But sometimes it really is all I think about.  This is December 19, and I have been working out in the yard again.  Tonight a storm is brewing, and tomorrow the high is supposed to be 39 degrees.  Then we go back to the 50's again.  Is is just too stupid to think about.

So yesterday in a day of glorious sun and 60 degrees, I loaded Patty into the car for a little day trip.  We drove east on a major highway.  It is four-lane until suddenly it is a two-lane old highway.  It begins to wind upward into the mountains.  I turn off the road and drive winding around a mountain and through a valley.  I pass through tiny towns and then really begin the mountain trip.  This is a most treacherous winding road and one better be sober to do it.  I know the road well, and I am still careful to not let my mind wander too much or to suddenly look out the window to see something.  One little slip and it is a long way down.  The loveliest part is when we go down into a valley called Boxley Valley.  It is a very historic part of the state, and the same family that originally settled there still lives there.  There are elk in all the fields, along with the cattle and horses.  In the ancient old mill site, there is a pond that the beaver always flood this time of year.  It was especially full yesterday.  And the swans that were introduced back to the area by Game and Fish are still there.

Then another climb up into the mountains and over to Jasper.  I visited my friend CF.  She is having her grandsons for five days, and she is so excited for them to visit.  She has given up her car driving, and depends on the Area Agency on Aging bus for shopping.  So yesterday I drove her to Harrison. 
We did several shopping stores for winter pantry stocking up.  She is set for winter to set in now, but I don't know when that will be. 

There is one store that she and I both love.  It is a grocery store called Bent and Dent.  Their prices are amazing.  It is run by Mennonites, so there is a lot of home-made cheeses and lots of bulk foods.
I got a tote bag full of stuff at very reasonable prices-my total was less than $20.  She got a HUGE box of stuff that will last her for a while.

We ate a wonderful homemade pizza made with Alfredo sauce, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and artichoke heats.  I ate sparingly since I cannot eat rich sauces.  But what I ate was really good.

So after we returned to her house, we walked the dogs down to the creek.  We visited a while, and then I headed home-over the mountains, through the valleys, and home again, home again, jiggety jig.

I finished the first rows of patterning on the yoke of the sweater last night.  I like the colorway, but it is very subtle. 

My neighbors are readying their moterhome for their trek south after Christmas.  I just shake my head.  He has not been well this year, and I cannot imagine their doing this again.  She does not want to go, but he is determined to do so again.

So nothing else new.  Christmas week is winding to the big finish.  Of course, for me Solstice is the major day.  After that, there will be more light each day.  Yeah!

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