Friday, January 2, 2009

What Do You Mean-It's 2009?!?

I just sigh as I realize that -yes-another year has passed by. It seems like it goes faster each year. I know intellectually that I have no control over it, that it just HAPPENS! But really, wouldn't it be nice to just wait a little longer until I finish these man-socks that are taking forever! Why do man-socks take forever? I know they are bigger-damn it-I measured and did the math. But it is taking me a long time to finish them.

I have been a little bit busy. I figured out that the best way to enjoy the holiday season is to go to someone else's house that is decorated. I can enjoy the company for a tolerable time of about 2 hours-maybe 3. I can enjoy the food and chit-chat. Then I come home, curl up in my comfie chair, and knit. I never have to worry that I have to take down the decorations or that I have too much food in the refrigerator that needs to be eaten. I can continue my normal home routine by just going to someone else's house that is not in routine. Simple.

My friend CF came for a coupla days away from her routine. It was nice to have her here. She is the one who helped paint my kitchen when I moved in and rearranged the furniture three or four times. So we looked through all the knitting magazines and books I have gotten since the last visit. We talked knitting and knitting and knitting. Today we went to the yarn shop and the thrift stores.

I have gotten into a habit now of looking for 100% wool sweaters that I can reuse. I unravel them, wind into skeins, wash them, and block the yarn. It is very satisfying to then have some really pretty wool yarn and to think of projects.

Well, my friend was kinda interested in that, but not sold on the idea. Then I found a really pretty HUGE man's cotton sweater in colors of denim blue, reds, yellows, and something else I can't remember. I held it up and I said, "Okay, this is not wool. What do you think?" She stood there and stared at it. "Washcloths!" I knew I had a convert. I told her how to unravel it, and she paid all of $1 for the sweater.

I have a white kitty that has shown up on the doorstep. She is super-friendly and really nice-to me. She is not nice to my kitties and they hate her guts. I have observed her in action around them without my apparent supervision. She is very aggressive to them. I think she has "only kitty" syndrome. So I guess I will have to find her another place to hang out. This is not working here.

CF and I found an L-shaped desk at a thrift store today that I thought might work as an office desk. But I was prudent and said I need to do some measuring. When I got home and measured, there is no way it will fit. But CF and I finally decided it would be a perfect sewing work station. I never even thought of it until we started talking about it and measuring and it was a brilliant idea. It is so weird. My sewing area is like the last thing I ever think of. I know when I moved in I thought that maybe some day I would buy some cabinets and a counter top and make a nice craft-work area. Well, for a third of the cost, here it is. I have to return to the store tomorrow morning and look it over again. I think it will work, but I have to be sure that it is in good shape, etc.

The weather is supposed to turn again in a coupla days. I need to get all my running around done this weekend. Of course, this Sunday we will be at Hand Held celebrating Spinning on the Roc. I know that the actual event is the 7th, but working people can only do it on a Sunday. So I am making meatballs in the crockpot with curry sauce, and I will make some rice. I may make my brownies. I will see how tomorrow goes. I am looking forward to having a fun day just spinning with friends and talking about fiber.

My Fair Isle hat has to be ripped. The colors are not right. SIGH! I am just not pleased with it, but may have another idea.

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

I hope to have more photos soon. I have not taken any new pics for a while. And luckily I did backup my photos on a CD before the computer was fixed. I no longer have my photos in my Kodak Gallery.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm, stay happy, and be well.

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