Friday, December 26, 2008

Whew! I finally got the computer back!

I have been in withdrawal since I had to face the reality that I had viruses on the computer. It was so weird and insidious. I got some emails from friends telling me that there was a problem with some weird viruses. I stupidly thought, "I am so lucky that I don't have that problem." The last two weeks have been hell. I have tried and tried to get Internet Explorer to work. I found ways to circumvent one problem, but I could never get to Google and to my blog or anyone else's blog. Then I got these awful a/v alerts that kept popping up in the middle of something. Then some how the pop ups would take over the computer and I would lose what I was doing.

Through the power of friendship and a knitting buddy, I found a computer repairman that was Good. Now-I just have to figure out how to personalize the computer again to my pictures, and my own wallpaper. It seems so foreign to me right now.

I just want to say, I'll do a proper post tomorrow. Right now I have to figure out what got saved and what didn't. Wish me luck!

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