Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Car Is Smarter Than I Am!

I was driving along with a friend one day, and I saw this weird little symbol pop up on the guages. I said, "Look at that! What in the world can that little sign mean?" Or at least something like that. My friend told me it was an indicator that my tire pressure was off. This is puzzling-like how does my car know that my tire pressure is off? So later on I look in the book, and sure enough, that was the meaning of my symbol. Then when talking to others, I was reminded that the weather had changed. Oh, yeah! Wasn't there something in Physics 101 that told us that gases change when the temperature. Sorta like our abdomen expanding with the gases! No? Well, anyway, I wasn't sure if I added more or not. There is no cute little saying that tells us what to do. Spring forward, Fall back. That helps. But cold add, hot,take away. No nothing to help me figure it out. So I ignored the light. And I ignored my friends telling me I was wasting gas.

Then last week another warning- Maintenace required. Hmmm! So I looked in the book, and sure enough, my car was telling me it was time to change the oil! Now isn't that something?!? My car knows when to change the oil.

So dutifully, I made an appointment for this morning to take care of these little issues. I struggled with what knitting to take, and should I take a book, just in case. And true to what he told me, it took 45 mins to complete. They even washed my car. Which is nice since it is now raining!

How did cars get so smart? I remember my father always checked the tire pressure when we left on a trip. My grandmother always told the man at the service station to check the tires. That, of course, was during the days of Full-Service gas stations. And I have checked my tire pressure when I go on a road trip. But I've never obsessed over it. So now I have to figure out what to do when the little symbol pops up.

I am in a knitting slump. I want to finish some little Christmas stuff. But I am slowly finishing the lace band edging for the shawl. I can't decide if it is procrastination reflecting the end of a project, or just that I am tired of it. I am studying lots of Fair Isle books, and reading techniques, and trying to get an idea of what I want to do there. That hasn't finished fermenting yet in the brain. I am not in the mood to knit socks. I guess I am tired of socks right now. That's so odd since I always have socks on the needle.

I think I am heading towards my winter-time slump. I have been keeping myself busy trying not to head that way. But I think it is coming. I am already antsy about yard work. And I have been planning yard stuff in my head at night when I can't sleep. I think I can plant some spinach by next month if the weather holds out. It is really dark and dreary right now. It seems to be about 5 p.m. and it isn't even 2 p.m.!

Talk later. Gotta go catch a cat with a bird in its mouth.

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