Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mr. Bush Still Has Time To ................

According to Baby this is the warmest place in the house. She likes to get there when it is really cold outside. Of course, if I am knitting in my nest watching t.v., then she and Noodles take turns sitting in my lap. Preferably interrupting the knitting. But sometimes a girl just has to go crazy. And hiding in a "cave" helps. We play a form of chase, and I pretend that I am looking for her. She hides somewhere-under a rug, under a blanket, in a sack, or behind a coat on the back of a chair. And I have to pretend that I am scared if she jumps out and I have to run. She prefers that I lumber with heavy feet and make noise.
And don't get too excited until tomorrow night. Then everyone can get really excited about Tuesday. Mr. Bush still has 24 hours to do something drastic-like invade another country. I hate to be so negative. But Mr. Bush reminds me of a bad dog that acts so contrite and sweet just before he bites you.
Anyway, I just realized that I am going to Tacoma in less than a month, and what will I wear? I am not going to buy new clothes, but my old clothes look a little shabby. I did hem two pairs of pants that needed that, and I moved a button on one pair.
I listened to Y Knits podcast today about the Men's Knitting Retreat. It sounded really nice. I did like one interview that the person talked about the silent knitting time. No one talks, just knits. It is very companionable, and it is soothing just listening to the knitting needles and the spinning wheels. The last time I went to knitting group, there was so much noise that it seemed to be bouncing off the ceiling and walls. It was hard to think.
I cast on for a Rectangle Vest by Lynn Vogle in Twisted Sisters Sweater Book. I haven't done that much on it, but so far I really like the way it looks. I have begun telling myself that I want to get x amount knitted on such and such and then I can work on the blanket. I have also made a goal of a minimum of three blocks a night on the blanket while I watch mindless t.v. That is-if I have met the other goal that I set before I can work on the blanket.
Last night was a particularly bad night for t.v. I watched some stupid movie called Supernova. I gave up and went to bed to read.
I have a lead on someone to remove the trash that is dumped in the back. Hopefully we can time it with the warm-up spells we seem to have every few days. Last week I spent a coupla hours a day during the warm-up picking up beer cans, trash, and bottles. I cut a lot of the honeysuckle back. I am trying to free up some of the trees. I want to get most of this done before the trees leaf out again. Then it is hopeless trying to catch up on chores. The poison ivy gets a head start too. But I would like to see what kinds of plants are back there, and maybe next Fall I can plant some bulbs. In about 5 years it may look like something again. I did get the seeds I ordered last week. So let's get this winter over with.
My thumb is healing, although it looks bad. The swelling is mostly gone. There is only pain if I accidentally hit it again. There is still a little bit of swelling behind the cuticle. I probably avulsed the root of the nail. I cut the fingernail really short, and I forget and try to use it. There is still numbness on top of the nail when I press it.
Let's all say our prayers for the new President, and hope that this will be a positive change for all of us.

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