Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sigh! I Really Did Sit and Watch T.V. All Day!

I admit it. I guess I am in front of the group and "My name is Juliann. I guess I am addicted to watching stuff happen on t.v." This was similar to "I am not going to get up at o dark thirty in the morning to turn on the t.v. and watch Charles and Diana get married." or " I am not going to sit here and watch all this sad stuff about Diana's death." or ......... Yes, I had the t.v. going almost the whole of the day.

I got back from the store at around 9:30 this morning, and immediately turned on the t.v. Some time while I was in the kitchen I heard someone say they couldn't believe that Ted Kennedy had already seated himself outside. I said to myself, "He shouldn't be out there. Bless his heart, he needs to be inside waiting in the warmth until he has to go out." Then I putzed around until I heard them announcing folks. I watched people come out. Like-who are these people? And where are they going to sit?

It was historic and momentous, and I am glad I watched t.v. I did turn it off for about an hour to get some things done, and to go next door to my neighbor's house. But then I accidentally found out I was missing the parade. I love a parade. I watch the Macy's Parade every year.

I finally turned it off after I got to see the Inaugural Gown. I miss my grandmother. Tonight she would have talked to me for hours about what people were wearing. She used to call me regularly when Wheel of Fortune would come on. She would call up and start the conversation with "Did you see what Vanna is wearing tonight?"

My grandmother would watch soap operas every day. When she saw a sweater she liked, she would get her magnifying glass out to study the design on the screen. She would sketch out the design and then she would make it. This is also the woman who made me the most god-awful knitted hot-pink mohair dress to wear at a Christmas party. I looked like a giant hairy watermelon. She had definite style issues, because she could not get it into her head what my body was really like. She had a fantasy body in her head, and hot pink mohair did not work in reality.

I watched Gerald Ford's funeral stuff and Ronald Reagan's funeral, too. I like to watch stuff on t.v. Maybe it started when we all used to sit in front of the t.v. and watch things like the Macy's Parade, or the Rose Parade, or maybe JFK's funeral. We only had three channels then, and all three had the same thing on. I don't know. I am glad I could sit there and watch in the comfort of my home. I am glad I am not in the midst of the whoopla and the crowds. I can turn it off and go to bed. Which is where I am going now.

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