Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Cox finally got the message that I did not have cable service. That the cable was lying on the ground due to the ICE STORM-2009!!!!!! Two nice gentlemen came this afternoon and laid a new cable. Hurray! Over 200 emails to go through, stuff to attend to (like insurance crap for the storm), and sorting out thoughts. So much has happened in three weeks, and I don't want to bore myself with pity stories. In case anyone reads this, I will put pictures on soon.

I just got back from Madrona last night. I am exhausted, and I am tired. I learned a lot, I met some fabulous folks (and you know who you are), and I had a helluva ride with Northwest-merging with Delta-and I will never fly them again if I can help it.

So-I am back. Thank goodness. I have had a major withdrawal from internet service. Three weeks is a long time.

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