Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tomorrow is ROC Day!

We had our ROC Day a little bit early because people do work. Sunday HandHeld Knitting sponsored a celebration for us spinners. We had ten folks there-a goodly number, I think- and we ate and talked and celebrated a new year of spinning together. It was good fun, good companionship, and good community. Oh, I almost forgot. Of course, Sasha was there supervising the group efforts.
I have been busy with ideas of what I want to do this year with my spinning and knitting. I have two sweaters in mind, but I am not there yet. I have read and studied all I can about colorwork and stranded knitting. I have drooled and studied patterns 'til I am dizzy. I think it is time to cast on.
I am also giving myself to that damn mitered blanket I started forever ago. Colleen suggested that I dedicate our Thursday night knitting to knitting on the blanket. I think that is an excellent idea. I am beginning to see a little progress, but it is slow going.
I have also decided that I need to do more challenging knitting this year. I am kinda tired of doing socks and easy, fast knitting. I know I will do some of both of those things, but I need to challenge myself to do something that I have to think about.
CF and I were talking about this last week during her visit. I think that it is imperative to keep my mind challenged and to do some knitting that requires thinking. After the disaster with the desk, I think I need more than that.
I got a desk from Habitat For Humanity ReStore, and they couldn't even get it in the door. I could see tearing up walls, doors, or cutting up the desk in the future. But the nice delivery guys said they would not even take it off the truck. Now I have to actually go back to the store on Thursday and negotiate with a credit and find another something. SIGH!
CF and I measured the space itself and the desk fit fine. But I never once considered how I was going to get it into that space. How Stupid Is That?!?
CF is an optimist. Just think, you cleaned up the room to move it in. Just think, you get a credit to buy other stuff for your house. The sun will come out tomorrow............ I wanted that desk, it was perfect, it was what I wanted.
Anyway, back to knitting. Thanks again to Joy and Colleen. Let's do it again next year!

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