Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy All Saint's Day

It is so hard to believe it is November 1. My gosh! This year is almost over!
Some things to be grateful for today-
warmer weather, lots of sun, a quiet deck, birds chirping all around, hawks looking for a snack overhead, and geese flying by.
I have been sitting on my deck spinning, and enjoying the sunshine. Somehow it is important to sit in the sun while I can. One winter my husband told me I was a lizard at heart. He could always find me in a spot somewhere outside in the sunshine and away from the wind. The winters seem so long.
CJ and I were discussing this last weekend. I have a little trick that as soon as Solstice arrives, I tell myself every day that the days are longer now. But about late February and into March, this doesn't work. It is when winter is breaking, and the transition is occurring. I just want to be outside digging in the dirt. But it is too early for most gardens here.

So today is a sunshine day. Sit outside on the deck, soak up as much as I can, and enjoy the day for what it is. And be grateful that it is a sunshine day.

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