Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October-Spider Hunt-Mirkwood!

Let me explain. For all these years, these fool people have been spider hunting in October. Hence the sign! It is not a snipe hunt, as most people think when it is explained. It is very real. If you are not afraid of spiders, put a light (small flashlight will do) above your eyes pointing out in front of you. Most of us put it in the middle of our foreheads. You can use a small headlight or the light for the bill of a cap. The light will reflect off the eyes of a spider, and you will be able to see it because the light is above your head. The kids love it! They told me all the different kinds of spiders they found. No harm is done to any critter-eight-legged or two-legged. So we rounded the corner after fording #9 creek crossing, and almost immediately it was apparent that VM had been there decorating the road.
This is AE clowning around.

The trick or treaters started milling around around 5pm or so.

This is AE modeling the poncho CJ hand-spun out of alpaca and wove on her loom.

I might get in trouble with some of my readers if I mentioned what costume this is. The name on the sweatshirt might be a clue.

Even Flossie got dressed up.

As usual, we ate like pigs. There were four or five different meats, and assorted salads, veggies, yummy biscuits, and four or five cakes afterwards. There were two birthdays celebrated in October. Afterwards I thought it was about time to head to my tent, and someone said it was only 7-ish! So I forced myself to stay awake until at least 8:30 p.m.
I found this handy-dandy clip-on light at Target, and it was great for knitting in the dark out on the porch. We were all tired and some of us went to bed early.
I woke up and thought it was about time to get up. I unzipped my sleeping bag, got out of the tent, and was kinda disoriented with the quietness, the dark, and the stars overhead. After a quick potty break, I climbed back into the tent, zipped into my sleeping bag, and dug out my watch. It was 1:30 a.m!
Our wake-up call were two owls talking. I think they must have been courting each other. She was very coquettish and giggly.
People started moving around about 9 a.m., and we started getting our usual community breakfast together. There was bacon, sausage (two different kinds), ham, scrambled eggs with veggies in them, fruit and AE's biscuits. And some leftovers from the night before.
After all that feasting, some people packed and started leaving. One of the adults took all the kids on a long hike. About 1 p.m. we cleaned the cabin, made sure all the dishes were washed, and sat outside in the sun talking. I, of course, could not just sit. I knit.

Another successful family reunion at Mirkwood! Next year we start over again. The last get-together will be at CJ's and AE's house in December. That will be it for 2008!

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