Sunday, August 4, 2013

Okay! I have a problem!

Well, yesterday I awoke with no internet connection.  I missed it.  It threw my whole normal morning routine in a tizzy.  We were having a thunder storm and it was raining hard.  So I sat in my nest and knitted and listened to Pandora on my IPad.

Finally late morning nearly noon, my friend CJE came over with a huge amount of stuff.  She finally got herself set up with her spinning wheel.  She said it is a really sad day when you notice there are cobwebs on your spinning wheel.  So I gave her a cloth and some oil and she cleaned it up before starting.

So the afternoon was productive with me knitting and her spinning and talking about things. 

After she left the young man from Cox came over and worked on my mess again.  I ended up buying a new router at Office Depot, and I am online again.  Unfortunately, the original problem is still there.

I can get connection, but suddenly it goes away.  Sometimes it comes back immediately, and sometimes it takes a while to reconnect. 

Weather is crazy and no one can figure out what is happening.  We never, ever get so much rain and I never, ever have to mow so regularly.  Sigh!  At least I don't have to turn on the air conditioner until later in the afternoon when the sun comes out and the humidity rises.  It is coolish and dampish in the evenings.  Weird for the first week of August.

The stupid mockingbird is staking out his territory for the pokeberries.  They are not ripe yet, but he is definitely taking over his spots.  Noodles happens to be around these spots, so there is a lot of screaming from the bird and a lot of Noodles doing the weird chirpy, raspy things cats do with their lower jaw.  I am sure when the berries ripen, he will have to be on the screened porch and out of reach of the beak.

I finished the English Babydoll Southdown wool.  I have tried it, and I don't want to do it again.  It did soften some when it was washed.  I am now going to spin some BFL that will spin easily and quickly and will be a joy to spin.

I did dye with the weld I bought at the fiber show last weekend.  I didn't have a lot, so I planned two skeins of commercial sock yarn.  One skein I used copper sulfate, and it is the prettiest, softest green and is gorgeous.  The other one was dyed with alum and cream of tartar and is the prettiest, softest yellow and is gorgeous.  I love both of them.  I think they would be pretty together in a subtle colorwork pattern.

Oh, that is the other problem I have.  I started to take a picture of them, and the camera said the batter is exhausted.  So I plugged in the charger, and nothing is happening.  I guess I have to get a new battery.  Sigh!  I can't take all this crazy electronic stuff going out all at the same time.

Have a good first week of August.  I hope you are dry and cool and getting work done.  Later.

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