Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's Catch Up

Okay, it is the middle of August.  It has been in the 50's at night, and only into the low 80's during the day.  How strange is this?  August is usually the hottest and driest month of our summer.  I checked my electric bill from last year, and my last bill I paid is $20 cheaper than last year.  Weird!

Anyway, I am ready for the show in October.  I need to do some last minute things, and I need to check all my labels.  I set the table up and it is fine.  No repairs are needed for any of that stuff.  So just last minute fiddly kind of stuff.

I have been slogging along with my colorwork sweater.  Actually this week motivated me to move a little faster.  With the cool evenings, I picked up the shawl I had put aside.  I am on the homestretch with it.  It felt really good laying across my legs as I knit. 

We have also been having a deluge of rain.  It seems everyone is having rain, so nothing new with that.  Just why 5-6 inches a day is the question?

I bought some yarn at HandHeld to make some gloves.  I cast on, started the ribbing, and I put it down.  I don't need another pair of gloves.  What was I thinking?  Okay, now I have this expensive sock yarn, and I don't want gloves or socks.  I'll have to think on that one.

I was without my computer for three days this week.  I felt adrift without a lifeline.  I guess they are addictive.  I got some mending done, I did my ironing, and I mended a quilt that was damaged.  I finished sewing the strip quilt top.  So lots of things got done; just stuff I put off and put off and put off. 

Patty has had another bout with her pancreatitis.  I guess this is going to be written up as a chronic condition now.  It is so lovely to wake up at midnight with a puking dog.  After I got her outside and cared for, I had to clean all that mess up.  I go on hyper vigil after that and one time I was aware that she was in the "stance" to puke, so I grabbed her and started running down the hallway.  I stumbled and fell, and she went skittering across the wood floor.  In my half-sleep stupor I said, "Damn, I fumbled the football."  She, of course, threw up all over the floor.  I did skin my knee and elbow, but I was more concerned in getting the hallway cleaned up. 

My single roadrunner is getting to be quite friendly.  It comes up on the deck and clacks its bill.  I talk to it and it flies up onto the rooftop and goes to the front porch.  Once while I was sitting on the screened porch, it clacked it's bill to let me know it was close by (probably that it was aware that I was near), and then it flew up on the stair railing.  I have never seen them so close up.  The plumage is such a gorgeous color of deep purple.  It looks black from a distance.  Then it has turquoise eye liner.  So pretty. 

The birds are eating seeds like crazy.  I know the poor things are so confused by the weather.  I only have two hummingbirds, and they defend the feeder vigilantly.  While they are attacking each other, the downy woodpecker sits there and slurps up sugar water.  Too cute!

My neighbor came over to remove the last of the dirt from my dirt pile.  He always has yard projects, and I donated it to him.  He used his son's big tractor, and he made quite a mess in my yard.  It was that night that the rains started.  So, of course, I have a big ole muddy mess in the back yard.  I am sure the Johnson grass will grow just fine through that. 

I finally got to mow this week, but now I have a hay field out there.  I think with the dryer weather and coolness, the grass will quit growing so rapidly. 

I am dyeing some BFL today with turquoise.  I was standing at my stand looking at my handspun on the rack.  I need some color.  I stood there for a long time and finally thought "turquoise".  So I am soaking the wool, and slowly heating the pot.

I am expecting a package from GK within the next coupla weeks.  She says she has four more bags for me.  I asked her to put some of her fiber into the box.  I specifically want the alpaca that she bought in Taos when we went.  I have some yarn that I spun that I love, and I blended the fibers with the alpaca.  If I get hers, I can get two more skeins, and I think I could make something really nice with that.  She is having a hard time struggling with money issues.  I wish I could help her out more, but I don't have the ability to help her much.  I make up things-like the bags-to give her projects and to help her.  It has really been a struggle for her just to sew the bags.  She is so depressed, and her mind is befuddled. 

Well, I guess that is my catch up report.  Not a lot to talk about, but I am slowly getting things done around here.  I am just so thrilled to have things together for the show. 

Stay cool and dry.  Enjoy the weekend! 

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