Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Monotony of Summer!

I haven't written because nothing is new.  It is the time of year I understand siestas.  It is hot, humid, and so far, really dry.  After our beginnings of rainy days, we are now in drought again.

I have my knitting nest set up exactly as I like it, and I am slowly progressing on my sweater.  It is the softest yarn- a merino and cashmere blend.  I am not sure that it will hold up to a lot of wear, but it will be nice to wear next to skin.  The pattern is challenging, and I do about 1 or 2 rows a day.  I am still plugging along with the lacy scarf.  Surely I will have it finished by the October show in Greenwood.  That is the goal.  I am still out of love with it, and that makes the knitting tedious.

I finished one skein of the British Babydoll Southdown.  Not my favorite wool to spin, but I wanted the experience of a new wool.  I know I will not buy any more of that.

This coming weekend is the fiber show in Kellyville, OK-Fiber Christmas in July.  I am going to make my annual trek for a day trip.  I know that I DO NOT need any more fiber, but gosh!  when did that ever stop me?  I also want to network with some of my vendor friends.

I have a dreaded appt. on Friday to get my teeth cleaned.  I HATE dentistry worse than anything.  Yuck!

I am almost Netflix-ed out for a while.  I know I am at a low place when I am watching Sherlock Holmes shows.  Surely some time in my life I have seen these. 

I am reading a lot lately, but I can't tell you what I am reading.  Cozy mysteries, I know, but none of them that memorable.  I finished the series of Shetland mysteries by Anne Cleese.  They were good.  I recommend them for mystery readers.  The others are just little books that take a day or maybe two to read.  I am back with the library since I am reading so fast this summer.

Another person stopped to "sell" me on sealing my driveway.  This is number three.  I am getting good at dismissing them.  I must have a sign marked out on the road somewhere that says "Sucker lives here."  At least they are creative about what their products do.  Oh, well, winter will come and the grass growing in the cracks will die.  One offered to spray poison on the grass for me.  I told him absolutely not while I have birds and insects so active right now.  He looked at me like I was crazy. 

I do have a great variety of bees right now.  They are loving all the good things to pollinate.  I have a lot of butterflies, too, and I noticed there seems to be a lot of dragonflies this year.  I saw lots of baby praying mantises about a month ago.  Of course, I have the usual number of birds.  I don't have so many hummingbirds as I have had.  The downy woodpeckers seem to enjoy the sugar water more than the hummers this year.

So this is the monotonous time of year to stay indoors, avoid the heat, and just keep plugging along towards the goals for October. 

Stay cool and drink lots of water.

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