Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is It Over Yet?

I hate to say this-but I am really, really, really tired of all the politics.  Can we as Americans think of something other than who is making the most empty promises and the most slurs, etc?

Anyway, it has been a week of tragedies since the storm in the northeast.  And I think a Nor'easter is moving in next.  More water and wind on top of everything else.  We were supposed to get some rain this weekend, but evidently it bypassed us.  Sigh!  It is just so dry. 

I am only knitting on my sweater at this time.  It is endless row after row of stockinette stitch in the round.  That is so much easier since it is only a knit stitch.  It goes fairly quickly, but it is also 13.5 inches.  Then I get to do the yoke.  And that is a colorwork pattern and will require more concentration.

I did finish the cute little baby sockies last weekend.  I like to have baby sockies on hand for new babies.  You are never too young for handmade socks.

I am also spinning on my pink yarn.  It is really pretty.  I am really glad I scoured the pink Coopworth.

I also did a quick dye job on some BFL.  I did a pound of roving in a very old, very, very old pot of black walnut.  Evidently there wasn't a lot of dye left.  But it came out a beautiful ashy beige color.  I really like the color.  Just a soft neutral to add to the mix.

Other than that, I have had a little bit of a stomach virus, and that is finally edging out of the picture.  It saps my energy to focus on what to eat and what can make it quit hurting.  I don't like to think about food that much. 

My friend OSM was here Friday afternoon and spent the night.  She left early yesterday morning to meet a friend in Tahlequah.  She is returning to California next week.  I think she is finally feeling better and her health seems to be turning to the positive.  She has gained some weight and her skin looks better.  She has more energy, and that helps.  The only negative is that her newest dog peed twice in the house before she left.  I don't like that at all.  I had to stop getting ready to leave the house to clean my carpet twice. 

So nothing else to report this week.  Nothing new and exciting.  I did get some seeds planted Friday. I have no idea when is the time to plant anymore.  By now we should have had a hard freeze and cool down on the weather.  I have a sunflower blooming, the calendula is blooming like crazy in the back, the catnip has blossoms, and there is one little long-nose coneflower blooming in the front.  Who knows anymore?  I just hope the new seeds will settle in the cooler earth and sleep through the winter.  I planted more prairie flowers this time, and hopefully the drought will not get here too early next Spring.

Have a good week this week.  I am going to finish out this little bit of pink fiber and get this bobbin filled.

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