Saturday, November 24, 2012

Channeling My Grandmother!

I knit these little slippers from a 1950's pattern book.  I used two strands of leftover yarn together and made them thick and cozy. 

And I am baking biscuits.  My grandmother did make great biscuits.  I like biscuits dripping with honey or sorghum molasses. 

We had a little bit of frost this morning.  A change in the weather-cooler and windy.  So baking is called for to make me feel a little warmer.  I also like my wool sockies. 

Noodles has been ill.  He got into a fight.  I only found this out by the limping and the scabs that appeared.  Now he has a lump on one side that I am hoping is only a pus pocket.  I have been giving him antibiotics, but will have to load him up and take him to vet tomorrow.  Sigh!  Just as I think things are going to level out financially, I have emergencies.

My neighbors loaded me up with food late on Thanksgiving.  I had already eaten turkey and sweet potato, but now I am eating and eating and eating leftovers.  Last night was the first night that I craved anything sweet.  So I ate a small bit of peanut butter.  That helped.

My brother called me yesterday afternoon as he was driving home from his daughter's house.  He sounded really tired.  I think we are all getting too old.  He is going to Italy in a coupla weeks for work.  Must be tough-huh?  To have a paid trip to Italy?

A woman in my knitting group is going to Italy next week for the winter months.  I think she will be back some time in February or maybe March.  She is visiting her son and her daughter.  One lives in Florence, I think it is her daughter.  I don't know that Italy will be any warmer than here, but it will be more fashionable anyway. 

I am happily knitting the second sleeve of my sweater.  Then I can join the body and sleeves to start the yoke.  Yeah!  Finally an exciting part!

I am also knitting a mosaic hat that is easy and I am using leftover yarns.  It is going quickly.  When it is done, I will go back to colorwork bag I had to frog. 

CJE's mother has had a severe battle with shingles.  Enough that she was not cognitively engaged.  Now that they are under medication and subsiding, she is aware of what is going on and is in pain.  And of course, CJE's shingles flared up and she is on her medication.  Sigh! 

Well-gotta go.  Biscuits are ready to come out of oven.  

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