Monday, November 12, 2012

What Is Going On With The Calendar!?!

Okay-something is wrong with my internal calendar!  I mean-is Thanksgiving really next week?  I guess I haven't been paying attention to anything.  Suddenly I noticed that everyone is talking about Black Friday.  I never pay any attention to Black Friday, and I just didn't pay attention.  Then suddenly I noticed the anchors on t.v. saying that prices were going up on Thanksgiving turkeys and the fixin's. 

I had to go to the calendar and look to make sure.  YES! Next week is Thanksgiving!  How can that be?  It is happening too early in the month. 

There is still one full week afterwards.  That's not right.  Isn't Thanksgiving supposed to be right before a short week right before December? 

Anyway-the end of the year is approaching.

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