Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tomorrow is Sadie Hawkins Day! It's a Leap Year!

 This is a charm pack I am making into a Disappearing Nine Patch.  First you sew three together into a strip.  Then combine 3 strips for a nine patch.  Then cut in half.  Then cut the halves in half.  And you have a magic block that looks like you really worked hard to make.  It is fun.  The fabric is a little bit wild.  But very cheerful!

And here is the reason why I haven't finished sewing the binding onto this quilt.  He discovered it by accident one evening, and it is now his favorite sleeping place.
I broke a really bad rule and planted some seeds today.  I just couldn't stand it.  It has been so very warmish and sunny.  We are even having a thunderstorm tonight!  We have started our Spring storms early this year.  It is still 20 days until Spring, but I couldn't stand it.  I can always plant more if they don't work.

Other than that I am just knitting and trying to get to the armhole and neck for the vest.  Almost there. 

Enjoy the weather while we can. 

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