Saturday, February 25, 2012

Is It Time to Plant Things?

My goodness, we have had the warmest Spring weather.  I worked two days to clean up debris from beds and along the fence line. It is tedious work that has to be done early in the Spring.  I worked on getting as much Vitamin D as I could.  But I tired quickly.  I am really getting older and it is hard to keep up with all the work. 

I have moved the weedeater from the shed to the house.  I think I can safely move the snow shovel back to the shed. 

I took a brief break from knitting the vest to do some sewing.  I decided to try the 1600 strip quilt that was on the internet for a while.  I did not like it.  I am now trying to decide how to make it look better.  I talked to a friend that had also made one of these quilt tops.  She did not like it either.  So it isn't just me. 

I also have been listening to a British mystery novel on audio borrowed from the library.  I have been spinning some of the gold fiber I have.  It will make a small skein, but is a pretty color.  I had some grey CVM cross that I dyed with correopsis tinctoria.  So it came out a really nice deep warm gold. 

I found a rubbermaid container full of dyed fibers.  Sigh!  It is unbelievable that one can have so much stuff.  I really need to find a home for some of this stuff.

A friend had to have an outpatient procedure this week, so I was the designated driver.  I wish I could film the looks of people while I am knitting and reading my Kindle on my lap.  It is simple circular knitting on the sweater I am making for myself.  I am almost to the point to start the Fair Isle work.  I finally decided that I am going to knit 12.5 inches and do a braid.  Then I am going to start the armholes and pattern work.  I am going to steek the armholes.  This is my own doing of putting together 3 patterns I like.  I cannot even imagine what it will look like when done.  I am resigned that it will be a sweater I will wear a lot-probably at home.  It is targhee wool and is semi-worsted spun.  So it is going to wear like iron.

Not a whole lot new this week.  I am just trying to focus on knitting the vest, and I keep getting distracted with wanting to do other projects.  It is not natural for me to be a monogamous knitter, although I guess technically I am knitting two projects with my brown sweater I take along to work on the stockinette knitting.  So I am just plodding along and getting my rows completed.

Have a good weekend.  It is cooler now so I can't be outside doing my yard work.  I am going to listen to my book and spin some gold for a while.

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