Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Month Later

I started this one month ago.  I finally got my yarn ordered, received, swatched and set to go.  I made a few blips along the beginning, and finally found my system was the best system.  I made the decision to do a regular rib knit along the bottom instead of the corrugated rib.  I also decided to use the oatmeal color instead of the dark brown.  I am on the second peerie now.  When it is finished I will be halfway on the body part.   Anyway it goes, I am happy with it.  I like it.

So yesterday I took a day away from knitting and putting my eyes out.  I tackled the BIG job of cleaning out the closet in my designated sewing room.  OMG!  There was just stuff and stuff and stuff.  I opened bins and cleaned out boxes.  I had one bin that was just art stuff from when I painted.  There were old sketch pads and papers and all the myriads of pictures I saved for ideas. I found sketches and some scrap pieces I had practised colors on.  Stuff!

It is amazing the junk we save and I am sure there is a reason to save all of this junk.  I even found the admission essay for master's work.  I was amazed that I used to write really well.  I was accepted into the program I had applied and had my finances arranged.  Then Life intervened and I never got to go.  I found a short story I had written for a class, and I had a nice A for that.  Funny to read that now too.

I found pictures and two picture albums.  Stuff! 

I burned a huge lot of paper and I have loaded the car again for Goodwill.  After I finish this closet, I will have one more closet to sort through.  Oh, and I have to finish the shed when the weather is nicer.

My eyes were burning on Sunday and I decided that I needed to take a break.  I don't know what possessed me to tackle the closet, but I am certainly happy that I did do that.

So I guess I will tackle the knitting this afternoon after I finish working out a system to store what I saved this round. 

I have always had a habit of writing down quotes when I find them.  I have them all over my house.  I like to review them and study them.  I have always done this.  I also used to save newspaper articles and put them up too.  But I have discontinued that habit with the internet so handy these days.  I know this sounds quirky, but I really like quotes.  I don't know why.

Anyway here is one I found in my piles of  paper yesterday:

Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind could invent.
                                                                   -Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson

And I think that sums up my thoughts for today.  I think there are 41 days to Spring.  A friend told me she is already picking daffodils.  Mine are putting on buds.  What a mess our winter has been.

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Your stranded color work is beautiful!! Crow