Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes, We Are Having A Problem!

My computer is having a major nervous breakdown. It is time to go back to the computer doctor. Unfortunately, we are having a major icy, messy, storm tomorrow, and I don't know if I should take her now. He normally has it back within 24 hours-which is tomorrow-but I don't know if I can get to his house to pick it up. So I may be a little bit slow in writing this week.

I have dyed a dab of wool with the brazilwood. It is gorgeous. I did a blend of merino/angora and it came out a browny red color. And since there seemed to be a little color left in the pot, I threw in some of my Romney, and it came out a pretty peachy, orangey color. I think it is gorgeous. It is a different color with wood than with plants, for sure.

I have started working feverishly on completing my second sock. I would like to have it finished this week. Which means I have to get busy. I am on the foot, but the pattern slows me down. I am also knitting on the stocking that our sock club is working on now.

Yesterday I went by SH's house to catch her up on the stocking project. She missed the sock club meeting, and I took the pattern by and went over everything with her. She was almost finished with the lace bit when I left. She was babysitting the newest baby and she was fussing a lot during the whole time. SH's husband kept picking her up and walking her so we could spend more time with the project. After we ate lunch, he gave me a software program to install on the computer that will organize all my genealogy stuff. That's one of his jobs is doing genealogies. So another project to get busy on.

My son called me last night to catch up on stuff. I told him about the software, and he thought that was an excellent idea. I am the last person in the family to know all about the family stories and who people are. I think I need to explore how to record some of the stories and then they will be preserved.

So I am getting ready for the ice mess. I am not emotionally ready to handle what we went through last year. I am hoping this will not be so severe, and that it won't last so long. At least according to last night's weather report, it appears that we are only going to be below freezing two days. We are going to have single digits at night and 20's during the day. It may get into the 30's on Sunday-for sure by Monday. I hope they are right.

So I may not be on the computer much in the next week. With the possible power outage, and bad roads, I will not be going into town to take the computer to the doctor. We will see.

So keep warm, keep busy, and be sure you have extra water and canned goods in the pantry.

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