Friday, January 15, 2010

New Moon Madness!

As you can tell by the monitor to the right, it is the New Moon for this month. I remember a long, long time ago someone wrote about how this person felt at different times of the month. Nothing to do with menstrual cycles, or anything, although they do correspond with the moon cycles. She described the New Moon as being down in the well. It was okay for her, because she could always get out of the well-she wasn't "trapped". She used the time in the well as a time of reflection, meditation, and just "being". She did not try to force herself to do the things she usually did, and did not try to do things she did not want to do.

Well, for some reason I am down in the well. I can't find any food that seems interesting to eat, and last night I craved chocolate. I didn't stop and get some chocolate, but the urge was there. I really think people call this "depression", but I call it being in the well. I am not really interested in knitting, but crocheting right now is enticing. The one day that it was warm and sunny, I did a little yard work. I just wanted to be outside in the sun. I finally gave up, and Noodles and I just sat in the sun. My husband used to call me a lizard that seeks the warmth in the cold. I turn my face to the sun and soak up as much warmth as I can get.

The reason I don't call this depression is that it is cyclical. I don't always get this deep in the well, but this time I am. But I don't panic. Because soon I will climb out and go about my normal insane life. I will want to do this project, or this one, or this one. I will have stuff scattered all over the house. I will sew, I will crochet, I will spin, I will dye, I will knit, etc. etc.

I am also going through a very dreaming period. My family has always been one to talk about dreams since I can remember. I even found a letter that my great-grandmother wrote to my grandmother and she told her about a dream she had had. I know we always discussed them first thing in the morning in my family.

Last night was our first Thursday Night Knit Night this year. It seems like years since we all got together. It was really nice to hear everyone's stories. It was funny-no one discussed the holidays. They just talked like we all do every Thursday. Which was nice. JF did mention she got all her Christmas knitting done. It was fun to see what every one is doing now. We discussed books and recommended books. We discussed movies. So a good time to see old friends.

I guess I will sign off for this week. I apologize to anyone who reads this. The next entry will be more upbeat, I promise.

Please send loving energy towards the poor people in need right now. I am not sure everyone can afford to send money, so I just ask that prayers and love be sent.

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