Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round Two!

Yes, this Christmas cactus bloomed in November-in fact, Veteran's Day! But last year it bloomed a second time in February. So it is a tad bit early this year for the second blooming!
So go little cactus! Bloom whenever you feel like it! I love the structure of the double flowers! It is really gorgeous!

Do you recognize this? It is a rusty pipe that I saw that has lichens growing on it. I love the colors and the patterns.
Tonight our LYS is sponsoring a kit-making class for the Haiti relief. A local church is collecting "health" kits that include items like a wash cloth, soap, a hand towel, nail files, etc. They will send them over there for personal hygiene needs. This is our regular Knit Night, so a perfect time for us to do this.
Sunday we resume our monthly Sock Club meetings. I am kinda looking forward to this. We haven't met since November. So it will be nice to get back into the routine.
My friends CJE and AE are having a tough time with one of the moms. It is a really hard time emotionally for them, and some tough decisions are being made. Also my friend CF has been helping a friend out that needed some nursing care at home. He ended up in the hospital over the weekend and surgery on Sunday morning. He is not recuperating well. So my energy is sent to my friends to help with all their needs. Keep good thoughts for them, and send positive energy their way.
The rain has started and the cooler weather may be returning. I have certainly enjoyed having the warmer weather to do some clean up tasks in the yard. My neighbor came over on his tractor to scrape my driveway. It just seems to be an endless, bottomless pit of picking up, pulling out, scraping, piling up, straightening, and making things tidy. But some day I plan the yard to be less care and maintenance friendly.
Of course, I got an email that it is time to order potatoes. My back aches too much to think about that now.
Well, I guess I will get dressed and go into town to do some shopping for the hygiene kits for tonight. I think I will swing by Hastings and look at magazines while I am at it. Actually, I really just want to take a nap. But I will go out in the yuck. I got things to do.