Friday, March 27, 2009

What A Blah Week!

Well, I was right. Spring brings more storms, and tomorrow the weatherman is calling for snow!
We just got over the ice storm damage, and we are just getting used to the broken trees, and all the tree debris on the streets. And here comes Spring storms! I read about a tornado in Mississippi in yesterday's paper. And the floods up north! Spring!

But I have given my weekly yard work a week off, and I have been knitting. I remember at Madrona someone asked me, "Do you knit every day?" I didn't even have to think about it. Yes, I knit every day, doesn't everyone? Even if it is only two or three rows on a sock, I knit every day. There were two days I did not knit this week. I worked outside on Sunday all day, and I was tired. I sat in my chair for a while, took a really long hot bath, and crawled into bed to read. This will be my standard routine when yard work goes into full swing. At some point, I will quit all the heavy work and just maintain for the rest of the summer.

I am continuing to make a little progress on the Surprise jacket. I am about halfway through the first part-the decrease. I am going to make a summer top with some yummy cotton/modal I have in my stash. I came home last night and made a gauge swatch. I am right on the money with that. Yeah! No math figuring for this one! And I continue to work on the socks from Hell! I have had more trouble with this pair of socks for some reason. As many years as I have made socks, I have never had this much trouble. Even when I made my first sock from handspun I never had this much trouble.

We had Thursday Night Knitting Group, and we had a good crowd. There were some storms in the late afternoon and early evening. I thought perhaps some people just wouldn't come because of that. But they did. And someone brought a brie wrapped in pastry for the goodie. Whew! I resisted that by not even looking at it. I could smell it, but I didn't really look at it.

My cousin from Washington, D.C. is in town on a business trip. I am excited that we are going to see each other tomorrow. I haven't seen him since his mom died, and we have only talked on the phone or email. He probably knows me better than my own brothers know me. Sunday we are going to go to his family place in Grove, OK, and visit that. We will probably go out to the cemetery, and check that out too. His grandparents and his parents are buried there. I am anxious to see the place again. His grandparents bought some property on Grand Lake as a summer place way, way back when. No one did that then. They have the award for having the oldest single-owned property on the lake. After Mike's grandmother died, his parents decided to not sell it, but keep it in the family. They eventually moved there. Now Mike and his sister own the property, and who knows what will happen now. It is quite nice, and is a sought-after piece of property.

So nothing else is new this week. It is gray, overcast, and chilly. It has rained and things are sodden. I guess I will go to the grocery store and get that out of the way. Then I guess I will sit down and knit. What else can one do on a gray, overcast, chilly day?

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