Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Sunday-It's Time to Blog!

I have been sulking most of this week. I haven't been able to be outside cleaning up or working in the yard. Yes, the weeds are up. They are trying to get a hold on the yard. But instead of whacking weeds, I have been sulking. It has been cold, sleeting, freezing rain, yucky weather all week. I know this is only March, and yes, one has to get through March to get to Spring, but why does it have to be cold all week?

I have been reading The Secret Life of Bees all week. I grew up in the South in the 60's, and I cannot imagine what this poor girl is going through. Yes, I remember all the Civil Rights stuff, I remember segregation, I remember what my parents did for the people that worked for us. I also remember that women were not important in the scheme of things. I remember at age 12 writing the closest college that I could study veterinarian medicine. I wanted to know what courses I should study until I could apply to attend the school. I wish I had that letter that I got in response. Essentially I was told that women did not become veterinarians, that it was a difficult course of study, and that I should think of doing something else with my life. I was so angry and upset that I shredded up the letter and burned it. I remember I showed it to everyone first.

I have been knitting on my Lifetime Blanket. It seems that I can do 4 or 5 blocks a night, and I cannot tell that much has been done once it is spread out. I also did a batch of dyeing this week. I dyed the yarn for the Secret project. I have been winding the yarn in balls. I also did my gauge swatch and math. I did it two different ways, and they were different. I am going with EZ's EPI method, I think.

I also ripped out the damn socks again. I made a coupla mistakes in the pattern, and when I knit back I created a tiny hole. Yes, I could just sew up the tiny hole and be done with it. But I know it's there. I also found it was taking me forever. So rip it out and be done with it. I have almost caught up to where I was just doing a plain ole stockinette sock.

I guess it has just been a frustrating week. But it is supposed to be warm again next week. Let's do a Happy Sunshine dance today and get some of this warm going on. I also have to have sun to dry out the deck so the nice man can finish staining and sealing it. Have a good week. I am hoping to get some yard work done this week.

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