Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Almost May!

I am trying to get at least one more blog in for April. I really haven't any news, and it is boring around this house. I have been in such a messy house that I got high behind and cleaned. Well, not really cleaned cleaned-like sanitized. But straightened and dusted and somewhat cleaned up. I am really feeling good about this, and now I actually am sleeping without a clogged nose. I think that part is psychological, since there is pollen covering everything this morning.

Remember a while back I mentioned that I gave a part of my old, old stash away to the Teen Knitting Club at the library. Well, in the process I found a very old UFO. So today I took it out of the cupboard. Now when I say old, I mean I started this as an afghan for my son when he graduated from high school and was going away to college. He will be 35 years old in a coupla months! So I sorted through the box, and I actually had knit 6 blocks. It is a sampler afghan and each one of them is different patterns. I looked through the booklet, and I fell in love with it again.

Now I will confess that it is acrylic yarn!! GASP! But back then I had few choices. This was pre-Internet, no knit shops around me, and my grandmother and I spent hours choosing the right yarn. There is a part of me that says, "Forget this crap. Start over with a decent yarn." And then there is a part of me that pats the yarn, remembers the reason I bought it, and remembers my grandmother talking about the patterns with me.

So tonight I cast on 57 stitches and started a new block. It felt good. Yes, it is not the perfect yarn for today. But it was the perfect yarn in the early 90's. I am not sure if I will ever give it to him. Maybe. But then I may keep it myself. Like I really need another afghan. But this one is special.

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