Sunday, April 20, 2008


I love Sunday mornings. I listen to certain NPR shows on the radio. I knit, I spin, or I sew while I listen to these shows. I then listen to certain podcasts while I continue these activities. So today I have spent most of my morning doing dishes (yuck!) and cleaning up my mess I made with the dye experiment. I can only live in chaos for a limited amount of time. I have set out a mission to finish the binding on the quilt that has been languishing for months and waiting patiently for the finish. I have the beginning pinned and ready to go.

I also finally got REAL and decided to start the unknitting of the sweater I thrifted from a long time ago. I have never unraveled it because it hurts to look at the carefully handknitting of someone who did a beautiful job. To think that this knitter took such care to knit this for someone much smaller than I am, and then it is put in a thrift store with all the leftover yarns and one sleeve not completed in a plastic bag. Well, sentiments aside, I began unknitting yesterday. It is lovely yarn-a single ply light brown wool. It is a bit heavy and scratchy, but quite pretty. It is tedious to unravel raglan sleeves, but it will be a nice yarn some day. I am not sure how many yards, but I will measure it when I wash and block it.

I lost something last week, and it took me one whole day to find it. It was something of value, and to make matters worse I haven't thought of it in perhaps 5 years. So I had no idea where it could be. I had it narrowed down to two rooms, and I looked at the one room that would be the easiest to search. Not there. So that left going through drawers, sacks of stuff in closets, etc. I finally found it, but it literally took me all day to find it.

Last night I woke up at 3:30 a.m. with the smell of smoke, as if something is burning. When I am in a deep sleep, I don't always think clearly. I jumped out of bed, and went to the bathroom. I then went to each window looking for any kind of fire. I couldn't see anything. I then tried to think of what items I needed to evacuate in case I was in danger. It was then that I realized that I had the hallway window open, the winds were coming from the south-southwest, and my neighbor in that direction uses a wood stove. Just to verify all that, I went to the door, opened the door, realized it was really cold enough for a wood fire, and went back to sleep. The drama of it all!!

Yesterday was our spinning guild's meeting. We had a huge group of 18 people, and only 2-3 of us did not have our wheels. One of our esteemed leaders had a program on dyeing. Not the process, but the product. She has been a teacher for years, and she did a color wheel. So there were all kinds of boards with color in fleece, then what would happen if you added this color or that color. Then there would be a sample of that fleece, the yarn, and a knitted sample. It was an immense project to prepare, but also the whole linear pattern was prepared to see. It was amazing.

My friend CJ has started making notecards from some of her photography. They are really nice.

Nothing else to note at this time. I am almost done with my first new sock, and it is not an exciting thing to photo at this time. I am doing a plain old sock, and I had forgotten how fast plain knitting knits. It takes a longer time to knit patterns, although I love patterns.

So back to sewing. Enough of this Internet stuff.

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