Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just An Update!

So Now We Have Popsicles!
I don't waste dye material. I soaked the wool batt in water and vinegar. Dumped the leftover dye in a crockpot with water and vinegar. First I got grape popsicle, then blue ice popsicle, and then I got orange in two shades. This is more like it. I think this will add some dimension to my stash from yesterday.
So the bottom line is to use more dye than the instructions call for and soak the wool in vinegar and water.
Now I just have to try this on store-bought yarn to see how it works. As everyone knows, store-bought yarn acts differently in a dye situation. I will keep you posted on this.
A storm is brewing out west, and we are getting ready for a cold front to move in. It's the clash of the fronts that does us in. FEMA is in the state trying to get a handle on the storm from last week. They haven't made an official decision as to the help that they will provide.

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