Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Excuses!

I called the oral surgeon on Tuesday, had a consultation yesterday, and tomorrow I have my surgery. Wow! I had an appointment for the 16th, and they called and told me there was a cancellation on Friday, 6-3-2011. So I began with getting the yardwork under control, got the laundry finished and put away, and the grocery shopping done. I will not be able to eat for a while, so I got puddings, jello, etc to carry me through a coupla days. I figure this will take at least a week to feel better, and maybe a coupla weeks to begin to feel normal. Sigh! At least I don't have to sit around for 2 weeks worrying about it! I decided to get it over with. I missed a great portion of May, and I don't want to miss June too.

So no writing for at least a week. I will get back to it after I get over the trauma. I have severe dental phobia, and surgery is not my favorite either. CJE is going with me to drive, and will stay in the afternoon to make sure I don't have any reactions.

Stay well. I will continue later after I get going again.

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